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This project now supports the new Twitter API 1.1 release. If you have previously downloaded this webpart and are having problems, please try the newest release (3).

Project Description
The SharePoint Display Tweets web parts makes it easy to follow Twitter activity on your SharePoint site without violating Twitter activity thresholds. It's built in C# and takes advantage of jQuery UI concepts as well as WCF services.

Project Goals
There are a handful of Twitter webparts available for SharePoint 2010, but after testing several on a corporate intranet home page, it was discovered that the jQuery approach to calling the Twitter API directly caused the webparts to either fail or display blank space. The goal of this project was to enable placement of tweets on a SharePoint page, have a jQuery UI and enable throttling of traffic to the Twitter API so that something always appears on the page.

The Solution
The approach to the problem was to build a WCF service, hosted in SharePoint which becomes an intermediary between browsers and the Twitter API. Thus, the jQuery scripts running on the client side now communicate with the service running on the SharePoint server which performs proper caching of calls to Twitter both improving the speed of response to clients as well as assuring that you stay under Twitter's connection thresholds within your environment.

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